5 Best Email Validation APIs

Email verification APIs ensure that you only send emails to valid addresses. This helps you avoid unwanted spam, reduce bounce rates and boost your email marketing performance. They also help you identify the real people behind each of your contacts, helping you build a genuine email list.

A clean email list is key to successful email marketing and a good sender reputation. But email lists don’t always stay the same for a long time — an email address that was valid a year ago may become invalid today. That’s why it’s important to regularly verify your database of email IDs.

Several email validation API allow you to verify a single or large list of email addresses using a simple API call. These services check for typos, role-based and invalid email addresses to make sure your messages land in the inboxes of the right people.

Reacher is a real-time email verification API that is fast and easy to use. It’s built in Rust, which makes it run quickly and efficiently. The service comes with decent documentation and a free trial to try it out.

NeverBounce – Best for Machine Learning-based Email Verification

If you’re using email marketing to drive conversions, it’s crucial to know the validity of every single email address on your list. However, this can be challenging to do manually. It is also difficult to keep track of how many addresses you’ve verified, so it’s important to rely on an email verification API that automates the process for you.

MyEmailVerifier – Syntactically Verify Your Email Addresses

With this REST API, you can syntactically verify all the email addresses that have subscribed to your list. If a user’s email address isn’t in the correct format, it will automatically be removed from your list.

Clearout – Measure Email Deliverability in Real Time

If you want to analyze and fine-tune your email collection process, you can add an email verification API to your website to check the email address validity of each lead or subscriber. It will help you identify the most relevant leads and subscribers that are likely to be interested in your offer.

Verifalia – Easily Upload Email Lists and Check Their Status in Bulk

Verifalia is an open-source email verification platform that offers both bulk and real-time verification. Its web-based interface lets you upload your list and get a report of the results in seconds. You can also use their open-source API and JavaScript SDK to integrate the service into your own applications.

The API also allows you to submit a new validation job by way of a file import, where each email address is extracted from an input file provided by the user. This method can be particularly useful if you don’t have access to the email addresses themselves, or if you need to process a large number of them.

The API defines several different status codes that can indicate whether an email has been successfully validated or if there were any issues encountered during the verification process. The values range from high to low, and are based on the evaluation of all aspects of the email address. They are listed below: