Benefits of Using PTFE in Piercing Supplies Wholesale

When shopping for piercing supplies, a key component of the set is the piercing needles. These sterile hand held devices can be 0.8mm to 4mm in gauge and are a fundamental part of wholesale piercing supplies. Many of these needles can be purchased individually, but piercing needle sets usually contain fifty different gauges, making it a great option for beginners. A large selection can also be found at wholesale piercing supply stores.

Body Rituals piercing pliers

If you are planning on getting piercings done, you’ll want to buy Body Rituals piercing priers wholesale. These specialized tools are great for people with a large budget. They can be used by professional piercers to create beautiful body art designs and can be very effective for large groups of people. The best thing about these pliers is that they are available in bulk, making them an excellent choice for wholesale orders.


When it comes to piercing supplies, PTFE has always been a top choice. The material is flexible, durable, and biocompatible, and has many benefits. PTFE body jewelry is recommended for initial piercings and for repairing damaged ones. PTFE piercing supplies are also biocompatible, which is great news for those with sensitive skin or allergies. A few of the most important benefits of using PTFE are:

316L surgical steel

Surgical steel is the most popular metal used in body jewelry. Surgical steel, also known as Marine Grade Stainless Steel, is excellent for use in biomedical procedures and body jewelry. Its properties include excellent strength and corrosion resistance. The 316L grade contains Nickel, but it does not release any of its alloys. This alloy is preferred in body jewelry due to the fact that many people are allergic to Nickel.


Niobium is a metal similar to titanium and is sometimes called “999 Niobium.” It is very important that piercing jewelry be made from the purest form possible. Low quality niobium may contain impurities that can cause allergies or irritate new piercings. Pure niobium is non-reactive to body fluids, oxygen, or cleaning agents. It can be autoclaved. By EU nickel law, niobium is permitted to be used for healing piercings. Black niobium can be heat treated to produce a dim black surface that is practically undetectable.


Choosing acrylic as a material for piercing is a smart choice, and there are several reasons why. For one thing, acrylic is body-friendly and biocompatible, making it a great choice for new piercings. In addition, acrylic is also lighter and less likely to cause irritation or reactions. Additionally, acrylic jewelry is inexpensive and very comfortable to wear. Additionally, acrylic jewellery is more affordable than its metal equivalent, which is a plus for anyone on a budget.

PTFE-coated glass

PTFE-coated glass for ear piercing supplies is a highly-precious material made from polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which is a chemical compound first used for coating frying pans. This material is incredibly durable, and it is also biocompatible. Its unique properties make it ideal for use in body piercing supplies.