Bill Bhangal Convicted of Sexual Assault

Bill Bhangal has been convicted of one count of sexual assault and is facing four months of house arrest. Bhangal, who was married to a Brampton Conservative Party candidate, was found guilty of driving the victim to a secluded spot in Brampton, Ontario, and kissing her under her clothes. Judge Richard Schwarzl characterized the crime as low to moderate.

Bill Hundal

At the end of the trial, the jury returned a guilty verdict for Bill Hundal, finding him guilty of six counts of lewd acts committed against his daughter. He was sentenced to six years in prison. The prosecution introduced videotapes from surveillance of Hundal’s home and the testimony of a police officer who found adult pornography on his computer.

Jiffy Lube

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Business model

Having a successful business model is crucial for a franchisee. It takes time to build relationships with customers and earn their trust. Fortunately, consumers will often choose to patronize a business that they know and trust. Given the glut of advertising that consumers see every day, it is important to continually emphasize personal service. Poor locations and under-trained staff can also hinder sales. To address these issues, Mr. Bhangal should consider raising his prices to match those of Mr. Lube.

Sexual assault charges

Sexual assault charges against Bill Bhangal were dismissed after a judge found that the complainant’s testimony was credible. She told the court that Bhangal groped her under her shirt and made her kiss him. Bhangal denied the charges, but the judge found the evidence insufficient to convict him.


Judge Ian Cowan ruled unanimously for acquittal, finding both the alleged victim and the defence witness credible, despite the lack of physical evidence against Bhangal. Although the alleged victim alleged Bhangal groped her and forced her to kiss him, the judge was left in doubt.

Customer retention

Bill Bhangal is the owner of ten Jiffy Lube franchises in Southwestern Ontario. But his revenue has been dropping along with the economy. Before the recession, customers used to visit his shops every 4,000 to 5,000 miles, but now they arrive only every seven or eight, and they are also availing fewer services. To combat this trend, Mr. Bhangal needs to change his customer retention strategy.