Do credit unions offer IRAs?

About Credit Union IRA Hillsboro

Located in the Tanasbourne Village Shopping Center on NW Evergreen Parkway and NW Cornell Road near the intersection of US-26 W and Bethany Blvd, this First Tech experience center is easily accessible from numerous Tri-Met bus lines. Credit Union members can access financial planning services and retirement planning programs at this branch to help them organize their finances, plan for the future and manage their money.

We offer Traditional, Roth and Coverdell ESA accounts to help you meet your long-term saving goals. IRA contributions may be tax deductible or tax deferred (consult your tax advisor for details).

You can save for your retirement Credit Union IRA Hillsboro or for your child’s education with our IRA accounts. There are no monthly or initiation fees and you can choose a liquid account or an IRA certificate to meet your needs.

A new rule effective January 1, 2015, may affect IRA rollovers. IRA owners are now limited to one tax-free IRA-to-IRA transfer per calendar year. Please see the IRA Transfer and Rollover brochure for more information.

Space Coast Credit Union has a free checking account that includes a Visa® Debit Card, an ATM card for easy access to your funds, and free electronic statements and e-statements via web or mobile app. Space Coast checking also offers members the ability to earn Membership Rewards on their debit card purchases and use their card for free ATM withdrawals at any ATM that is part of the national network.

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