Elasto-Valve Rubber Products

The Elasto-Valve Rubber Products (EVR) company is one of Sudbury’s hidden treasures. The company specializes in top valves and other rubber products. This company is ISO 9001-2008 registered and employs more than 40 Sudbury residents. It exports to over 30 countries and is recognized as a leading resource for custom rubber products. EVR has quick delivery times in North America and Europe, and their skilled technicians manufacture hand-built products to order.

It manufactures Danfoss EVR valves

Danfoss EVR valves are a versatile and reliable solution for a wide range of refrigeration applications. They are available in direct-operated, servo-operated, and oversize configurations. They are able to see page handle media temperatures up to 105degC. They are suitable for both industrial and domestic use. They are energy-efficient and have been designed to provide reliable and consistent operation.

EVR solenoid valves are suitable for all refrigeration, freezing, and air-conditioning applications. They are compatible with high-pressure and fluorinated refrigerants. They are also suited for hot gas defrost and bypass applications.

It manufactures Danfoss valves for vacuum-assist Enhanced Vapor Recovery systems

Danfoss valves for vacuum assist Enhanced Vapor Recovery systems use solenoid valves to regulate the flow of gasses in a vacuum system. These valves can be used for various applications, such as refrigeration, evaporative cooling, or gas coolers. These valves can also serve as back-pressure regulators in transcritical systems.

The vapor recovery assembly includes a venting valve 176, which is configured to open the vapor flow passage 168. The valve is then closed.