Get an English Degree Online Canada

An english degree online Canada is a great way to develop your academic and communication skills in a flexible, low-cost format. With more options than ever before, students can earn associate, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degrees at hundreds of postsecondary institutions across the country.

A Bachelor of Arts in English is a popular choice for many students seeking to enhance their writing and analytical skills. This versatile degree offers a broad range of career possibilities in areas including journalism, editing and publishing.

Unlike a traditional English education, a bachelor’s degree in English allows you to tailor your study to your particular interests and career goals. You can focus on a specific genre or language, like British or American literature, or on a specific area of linguistics, such as rhetoric or language and cultural studies.

This degree is also an excellent choice for aspiring writers and teachers, as it will prepare you to communicate clearly, thoughtfully and effectively in a variety of contexts. A major in English can also help you advance in law school or other graduate programs.

Athabasca University is a leading institution in Alberta, with three brick-and-mortar campuses and an online program. It has a student body of 40,000+ and was ranked among the top 12 undergraduate universities by Maclean’s in 2020.

TELUQ is the only French-language university in North America that provides its entire curriculum via distance learning, and it has a student body of 18,000+. Its faculty consists of internationally recognized scholars and instructors in a wide array of subject areas, including administration sciences, humanities, computer science and languages.

The Department of English aims to provide a broad range of courses that explore literary, historical and theoretical perspectives. These include courses in literature, composition, language and linguistics, and research methods.

Courses in the department also emphasize critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which are essential for success in any field of study. These courses are designed to complement and extend studies in other subjects, including medicine, engineering, business, law, education, journalism, and library studies.

National University’s bachelor’s in English is a solid foundation for any professional field by developing the communication and critical thinking skills employers demand from graduates. This program emphasizes literary analysis, diversity, and critical thinking through a challenging curriculum of literature, composition, language and linguistics, language and pedagogy.

You’ll learn about contemporary fiction and nonfiction, the history of literary forms, and critical approaches to literature from a range of countries, periods and genres. You’ll also explore film, television and literary theory.

Queen’s is a large, public university with a long history in higher education and a strong commitment to providing high-quality educational opportunities to students around the world. Its online degree programs are a great choice for international students looking to save on tuition fees.

Founded in 1972, Tele-universite is the only French-language distance university in Canada and the only French-language university that offers all its courses through distance learning. Currently, it offers 430 courses across 125 programs in administrative sciences, economics, education, environmental and humanities, information technology and languages.