Heavy-duty towing refers to towing a large vehicle

Heavy-duty towing refers to towing a large vehicle with the help of a larger truck. The towing power depends on the horsepower and torque of the truck. For smaller vehicles, less towing power is needed. Larger trucks are more durable and will be able to withstand the biggest jobs. They also have larger towing capacity.

Light-duty towing

Light-duty towing trucks are efficient and agile and can safely tow a wide range of vehicles. They are also ideal for roadside assistance. They are often called for routine service calls, such as changing flat tires or starting an engine. They can also transport motorcycles and small trailers. Light-duty tow trucks are also ideal for delivering fluids and other items.

Light-duty towing services include private property towing, accident recovery, traffic collision clearing, and other small to medium-sized jobs. Light-duty towing requires only a regular tow truck, and it is best suited for cars, small trucks, and motorcycles. Larger trucks are used for heavier vehicles and larger commodities, such as boats and construction equipment.

Rotator tow truck

The Rotator heavy duty towing truck is the perfect tool for moving large vehicles. These trucks are very strong and can lift and set any heavy vehicle upright. They are also capable of towing multiple vehicles. This type of truck is ideal for towing vehicles that heavy duty towing near me have broken down on the road. Moreover, they are very safe to use and are highly reliable.

The Rotator heavy duty towing truck is highly useful in situations where traffic is blocked because of accidents. This kind of vehicle is extremely useful during accident recovery on freeways where shutting down different lanes of traffic is necessary. Moreover, it can be used to tow vehicles that have become stuck in ditches and guardrails. This is possible because the boom of the Rotator tow truck can turn and work parallel to the wreck.


Heavy-duty towing requires chains that are tough enough to handle heavy weights. Several types of chains are available to meet different needs. The grade of the chain is an important factor to consider. The lower the grade, the weaker the chain will be. Ideally, chains should be G70 or higher.

Chains can be attached to the winches, and have four basic types: V-chains, j-chain assemblies, and auto-hauling chains. Each of these has an anchor at one end.


When you need to tow a large vehicle, a heavy-duty towing hook is the perfect solution. These hooks are usually made of steel and can withstand up to 20,000 pounds of weight. They can be bolted to the bumper of your vehicle or to the frame of the hitch. They also resist corrosion.

Pintle hooks are another popular option, and they are designed to fit a number of trailers. They work with any cargo carrier or trailer with a lunette ring mount. Some even have a weight capacity of 12,000 pounds.


Heavy duty towing equipment is essential to transport various types of vehicles safely and quickly. Heavy-duty towing trucks are especially useful in towing large vehicles, such as buses or full-sized jetliners. These trucks can handle a variety of different types of vehicles, including heavy trucks, heavy-duty pickup trucks, and luxury and exotic cars.

These vehicles are equipped with special tools that make the towing process simple. They are often equipped with a flat bed trailer, a tow bar, and wheel lifts. The first two wheels are enough to tow most four-wheeled vehicles, but larger vehicles require an undercarriage lift. It’s also important to find the right attachment point to reduce the risk of damaging the vehicle.