Hertfordshire Pest Control Solutions

Do you need professional Hertfordshire pest control solutions

Even the cleanest, most well-cared for property will suffer from infestations by rodents, cockroaches and other vermin. Despite taking the right measures such as locking up food, closing cracks and blocking gaps, these pests can creep into even the most secure of homes and businesses, searching for warmth or shelter – or to feed, nest and breed.

Safeguard offers an effective Hertfordshire pest control solutions service for homes and businesses. With a RSPH pest control accreditation and enhanced DBS security certificate you can be assured of professional and reliable service, tailored to your requirements.

The first step in our Hertfordshire pest control process is to carry out a thorough inspection of your property, looking for signs and traces of infestation, before deciding on the correct treatment. Then, following your pest control treatment, a post-service monitoring visit is made to ensure that the problem is fully solved and that no further damage is caused.

In addition to our rat and mouse pest control work, we also provide bird spiking, solar panel proofing, guano removal and pigeon deterrence services. We are also pleased to offer an alternative, natural Bird of Prey (Hawking) service for those wanting a more ‘green’ approach to pigeon and seagull deterrence.

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