How to Avoid Mistakes in Window Cleaning

Keeping your windows sparkling clean helps to reduce the amount of energy you use, so it’s important to clean them regularly. Mistakes in window cleaning can make the task a challenge and leave streaks that are hard to remove.

Whether you are looking to make the task easier or avoid streaks altogether, there are many simple tips and tricks you can follow to help you get your windows clean with ease. These tips will ensure you don’t make any common mistakes and end up with a gleaming, streak-free finish.

First, make sure the frames and sills of your windows are clean before you begin. This will prevent you from dripping dirty water onto your panes and will keep your window frames from getting ruined.

Next, prepare a mixture of vinegar and water and saturate your windows with it. Depending on how dirty your windows are, you can either wipe the exterior with this solution or you can spray it on and then scrub it in.

Now, using a sponge or rag, start scrubbing the windows from the top of the panes and work your way down. When you reach the bottom, use a squeegee to get any leftover water off and dry it up.

If your window cleaning in matthews, nc are in need of a bit more TLC, try scrubbing them with a mild dish soap and warm water. This is a natural window cleaner that also works well on your shower walls and doors.

Adding a drop of detergent to your water can help to break up tough stains and grime that may be stuck to your windows. It also helps to keep your cleaning solution from drying up too quickly, which can leave streaks behind.

A good, rubber-edged squeegee is essential when it comes to cleaning exterior windows. It is a much more effective and quicker method than simply wiping with cloth or newspaper, which can leave streaks on the glass.

The trick is to angle the squeegee downward and gently drag it across the surface of the window. This allows the water to get a good grip on the pane and eliminates any air bubbles that could lead to streaks.

Once you’ve finished scrubbing and rinsing, use a paper towel, a sheet of newsprint or a swatch of cotton percale to dry the window. If you notice any streaks while it’s drying, continue rubbing until they fade away.

For stubborn stains and buildup, you can also use a mixture of lemon juice and vinegar or a commercial cleanser that is safe to use on your windows. These can be purchased at most home improvement stores and are easy to use.