How to Become a Licensed Electrician

A licensed electrician in placerville is someone who has passed a state exam and is able to legally perform electrical work. Licensing requirements vary across states and can sometimes be determined by individual cities, so prospective electricians should look up their state’s guidelines online. In addition to passing an exam, a person must typically show that they have completed a certain number of hours on the job and may be required to attend classes or seminars that address updates to the National Electrical Code.

The most common way to become a licensed electrician is through on-the-job training. Those interested in becoming an electrician should seek out a master or licensed electrician willing to take them on as an apprentice or helper and provide on-the-job experience. A person should also take courses at a trade school or community college that offer certificate programs in electrical engineering, circuitry, mathematics, wiring and motor controls.

Some state licensing boards will allow a student to test for a journeyman license after completing a certain amount of on-the-job experience. A licensed electrician can then seek out jobs with general contractors and independently-owned companies that specialize in electrical work. Regardless of where a licensed electrician works, they should have an up-to-date resume and an accurate portfolio that showcases their skills.

Many states require licensed electricians to carry insurance. Electricians that carry a professional liability insurance policy can protect themselves against claims arising from a client’s property loss or bodily injury. The insurance company will pay to replace damaged appliances and other items and may even pay for legal fees if the client decides to sue.

Certifications and licensures do not necessarily have to expire, though they may need to be renewed at various intervals. Those who receive a certification in a specific area of electrical work might choose to remain licensed in their original field or pivot and only take on projects related to the specialty.

A licensed electrician is someone who has passed

An individual can get certified by completing an apprenticeship program, showing a high school diploma or GED, and passing an exam. Some states also have additional requirements that need to be met to obtain a license, such as a surety bond or workers’ compensation insurance.

Those who want to become licensed electricians should look up their state’s guidelines online. The majority of states have licensing boards that oversee the field. Some states will allow a student to test for statewide certification after completing a certain amount of on-the-job training and taking classes or seminars that address updates to the National Electric Code. Other states will only license licensed electricians who have a degree in electrical engineering or a relevant field and pass an examination. NEXT Insurance helps licensed electricians stay compliant with their state’s regulations by providing tailored electrician insurance coverage. It’s easy to obtain, manage and access. Start your free quote today!.