How To Use The Rain Mitts

A good rain mitt is a great item to have in your pack for rainy days or anytime you’re hiking or camping and want to keep your hands protected from the elements. They’re often made of waterproof fabric or fabric that has a waterproof and breathable barrier, allowing moisture from sweat to escape and keeping your hands dry.

They’re also usually lightweight, so you can pack them in your backpack and carry them on the trail, without feeling like they’re taking up too much room. The best rain mitts will have the following features:


Whether your goal is to stay warm or protect your hands from the elements, you’ll need to choose gloves that offer adequate insulation. The most common type of insulated gloves are those that have an outer layer of synthetic fibers surrounded by an insulating layer that’s either a woven or knitted material, such as fleece. This will provide an extra layer of protection from cold weather and keep your hands warm even when the temperature drops below freezing.

Gloves should be comfortable to wear and fit snugly. The best-fitting gloves are usually made from a soft, breathable material that’s flexible and has a smooth finish for ease of movement. Comfort is one of the most important characteristics of gloves and mittens for cold conditions, as it can be a major factor in how well you enjoy your outdoor activities.

Patterning/Thumb Articulation

Some rain mitts have articulated patterns that match the natural curve of your thumb and fingers, which makes them more comfortable to wear and gives you better motor control. This is especially important for gloves and mittens made with heavier fabrics that don’t have many resistances to digit motor movement, but less necessary for ultralight fabrics.

Gauntlet Hem/Closure

Most rain mitts have a gauntlet hem closure that’s secured with an adjustable drawcord (ideally, with a single-hand use toggle), preventing your fingers from slapping around on the inside of the glove when you’re working or playing. A drawcord hem is generally more durable than an elastic-bound hem, but both are important to ensure your fingers don’t slip out of the gloves when you use them, resulting in a bad situation for your hand and wrist.

Wrist Adjustment

Some waterproof rain mitts naked have a strap that you can secure around your wrist with an adjustable hook-and-loop patch or ladderloc buckle, which will add to the comfort of wearing the glove and also help to prevent the slapping of your fingers on the inside of the glove when you’re playing. This strap can be adjusted for a comfortable, snug fit and is an essential accessory for those who work outdoors.

Heated mittens

Battery-powered heated mittens are getting more popular as people seek to add extra warmth for their hands when they’re out in very cold weather. These mittens have heating elements that cover the palms and fingers for even distribution of heat. They have a zippered compartment for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, so you can change the amount of heat you’re getting as the weather changes.