MicroBlading Removal: What You Need to Know

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“How do you remove microblading from your eyes?” This is one of the most common questions people ask about this beauty procedure. And the answer, surprisingly, is as easy as ABC. Consummate in both the art and science of permanent makeup and microblading, we at Lily The Pink guarantee you your perfect eyebrows. Whether it’s the soft and subtle brow pencil or an ultra-light powder puff or feather-light frosting to fill in any hollows, we’ve got you covered.

But you need not fret, because microblading removal los angeles experts say there are two ways to go about getting that celebrity look. One way is called the mov convertershow details. Basically, this takes one hour twenty minutes to perform and produces results like a million. The difference between this and traditional microbling is the natural beauty of your brows will never be altered, but the volume will.

The mov convertershow details are simply a surgical process, using the latest in cosmetic surgery technology. Here’s how it works: Instead of actually inserting a pin into your skin (a traditional microbling method), the tech uses a small camera guided by a computer vision system to guide the needle down through your skin and into your hair follicles. Once there, tiny droplets of a special, FDA approved ink containing Functional Keratin are released through the needle onto your scalp. This ink plumps up your natural hairline and pulls the hairs out of the scalp.

In order to get the full result of this microblading removal technique, you need to have good skin quality. For ideal results with this removal technique, people with fair skin tend to work best and it works better on people with darker complexions or those with white complexions because the ink doesn’t show as easily on the darker skin. People who have pale skin can also use the technique with great results, but those with dark skin tones should avoid using this removal technique altogether. With this particular removal technique, too much ink can cause an unsightly white patch where the ink was injected and that will not help your case for microblading Los Angeles procedures. The best idea is to ask your cosmetic surgeon what skin tone will produce the best results for this micro-liposuction technique.

The final microblading procedure is called the mpotop and it uses a new removal technique called PMU removal. This is less invasive than the mov convertershow details so it is a good option if you have very sensitive skin or a history of allergic reactions to regular liposuction. Using a PMU system, the estimated reading time for this process is reduced from 3 hours to just 2.5 hours. There is also a smaller incision and you don’t need to remove as much fat at once so there is less chance for trauma to other muscles as well.

It is important to note that the estimated read time is only indicative. Due to a very small incision, the time taken to complete the microblading removal can vary quite a bit from person to person, so it is very important to ask your surgeon about the time of your treatment so you can get a more accurate figure. You don’t want to end up with swollen or inflamed eyes or face because you used the wrong microblading solution. The last step involves the use of a saline tattoo removal solution. You should take some time before the treatment to carefully decide if you are going to try this method for your microblading Los Angeles procedure. This is a process that can be very painful and cause serious scarring if you aren’t ready to go through it.

The next part of the procedure is where you will be given a shot to sterilize your eyes. After this, you will be given a prescription for a numbing agent to help minimize swelling. The surgeon will then apply a numbing ointment prior to placing a tiny amount of the saline solution on the surface of the skin that will be removed. You will then be given a disposable needle that will allow you to withdraw the needle after the procedure. As you can see, this is a short but intensive surgical process.

Your surgeon is going to tell you what specific equipment and supplies you will need for the procedure so you can make a decision about the best way to obtain your Los Angeles microblading treatments. When I conducted my research, the most common form of microblading Los Angeles treatments was through the use of hand tool. However, because this form of removal requires the highest level of accuracy, it is typically reserved for those patients that can afford the very latest in cosmetic surgery technology.