Solar Tec Tinting – Why Choose Solar Window Film?

When it comes to leading a more environmentally conscious lifestyle, many of us are looking for products that will help reduce energy consumption. One such product has been making waves in the industry: solar window film.

This innovative solution helps generate electricity, improve energy efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions by redirecting sunlight through a solar window tint to produce power. This is accomplished through an advanced photovoltaic (PV) process that captures solar radiation to convert it into useful energy, all while keeping your car’s interior cool and comfortable.

Solar Tec Tinting is proud to offer solar window films from reputable manufacturers like Huper Optik and Autobahn, which utilize state-of-the-art technology to achieve optimal performance. These window films use high-grade ceramic particles in a proprietary coating to reflect and reject the sun’s damaging UV rays, heat, and glare. They also offer a wide selection of color options and finishes to meet your unique style and aesthetics.

When compared to traditional automotive window tint, SolarTecTinting.com is much more effective in filtering out unwanted wavelengths of light. The ceramic particles in the film are tightly woven together, creating an invisible barrier that allows only visible light to pass through while bouncing other wavelengths back out, blocking harmful UV rays, heat, and reducing annoying glare. The best part is that you can still enjoy the view out your windows and won’t have to squint or close your eyes while driving, which makes it safer for you and your passengers.

In addition to blocking the sun’s dangerous UV rays, solar window tint reduces up to 98% of irritating glare from outside so that you can watch TV or work on your computer without having to close the drapes or blinds. It also protects leather, vinyl and wood furniture inside your vehicle from fading over time, helping to preserve the value of your investment and ensuring that you can continue enjoying the comfort of your ride for years to come.

Solar window film is available in a variety of shades, from dark to nearly clear. Choose the shade that’s right for your car, home or office, then add premium features to make it even better. For example, our paint protection film is designed to protect your car’s exterior from scratches and dings. It also offers privacy for you, your passengers and your belongings.

A professional installation is crucial to the proper performance of solar window film. Attempting to install the film yourself could result in a poor job and even damage your windows and void any warranty you might have on them. At Solar Tec Tinting, we use a precision cutting and transfer method that ensures the best results.

The SHGC of a window tint is the amount of solar heat that it blocks, and the lower this number, the less you’ll have to depend on your air conditioning system, lowering your energy costs. In addition, window tints with low SHGC values help regulate indoor temperatures and reduce the need for heating systems in colder climates.