Stock Option Trading Alerts – Pros and Cons

stock option trading alerts

Many stock traders take note of stock option trading alerts. Options traders are usually regarded as more sophisticated than the average stock trader. As such, stock traders take options traders’ large orders seriously. An example of an alert would be “Sept16” for a trade in Phillips 66 stock options. The alert would include the strike price and expiration date of the option contract, and the “Call” designation for the type of bet.

Motley Fool Options

If you’re not familiar with Motley Fool options, the company is an option-trading service that provides monthly alerts based on a variety of advanced strategies. The company’s trade thesis, which explains why it’s recommended, is highly actionable and comprehensive. It will even provide detailed information about the company’s underlying stock and options contracts, including the strike price. While trading options can be tricky, the service’s experts will help you identify the best strategies.

This company has an all-star support staff, which responds to customer questions quickly and courteously. It doesn’t have a mobile app, which can be a hindrance if you don’t have a tablet or smartphone. But its acclaimed service’s reliance on its community message boards means that you can interact with fellow investors. You’ll also have access to exclusive content such as videos, articles, and podcasts.


With a powerful research function, Optionsonar blurs the stock option trading alerts lines between alert and analysis service. Its activity scanner captures large moves and reflects moves by institutional investors. Its screener features clear visual tools and customizable parameters. Users can also customize their watchlists. However, Optionsonar alerts may not always be up to the mark. Here are some pros and cons of the service. Keep reading to find out what it offers.

Optionsonar is a web-based service that allows subscribers to monitor unusual options activity. Subscribers can define a watchlist of their favorite stocks, set alert filters, and monitor option activity on their stock. The service also includes a sweep scanner, dark pool print analysis, and chart functionality. Paid plans start at $35 a month for the Unusual Activity Scanner. For an additional $75 per month, they can subscribe to Multiple Option Scanners with Web-push notifications.

Simpler Options

If you’re looking for a good option education service, then Simpler Options may be for you. Their education system consists of live trading rooms, video newsletters, and an online community of traders. They also have the largest options membership community on the web. Besides trading, Simpler Options offers stock trading education in the form of articles and group mentorships. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re considering investing in options.

When it comes to trading options, you may be wondering whether you should start small or get involved in large amounts. A call option is simply an option on a stock’s price. A put option, on the other hand, gives you a right to purchase a particular amount of stock. The price you pay for a call option will vary with the price of the underlying stock. You may choose to buy a call option to purchase shares that are currently priced at $400.

Market Chameleon

A good stock option trading software should offer screeners to help users choose stocks with favorable options volatility. Market Chameleon’s screener allows users to choose stocks based on their market cap, implied volatility, and performance, as well as potential upside or downside. Market Chameleon calculates theoretical value and edge for each options strategy, and provides technical details of each stock. It also offers 18 different option strategies, including call and put spreads.

The Market Chameleon screener backtests all options strategies, highlighting the best strategies based on average option volume and stock performance around earnings. You can easily analyze your own results, as Market Chameleon will display the average win rate for each option strategy. You can also check the historical performance of each strategy and learn about the best and worst performers. Additionally, the software allows you to create unlimited watchlists, save screens, and receive customizable email alerts.