TechCrunch is an online tech blog

Mashable, founded in 2005 by Pete Cashmore, is a leading news site that delivers content that is relevant to a worldwide audience. The website features verticals for Asia, Europe, U.S., and India. It boasts 45 million monthly unique visitors and 28 million followers on social networks. Its articles generate an average of 7.5 million social shares per month.


TechCrunch is an online tech blog run by Michael Arrington. It covers startup companies and consumer-facing Web applications. The blog is very popular with both newcomers and established techies. In addition to posting interesting news about startups, TechCrunch also hosts conferences, such as Disrupt, around the world.

In terms of traffic, TechCrunch is the most popular among tech blogs. With a readership of over three million people, it consistently provides valuable content about technology and the latest trends. The site also contains great tech reviews by respected journalists, as well as reviews of new products. While TechCrunch is the most popular blog on the internet, it’s not the only one with great content. Mashable is another great source of tech news. It’s owned by VOX media and features independent technology and business news.


Engadget is a multilingual technology blog network, covering consumer electronics and gadgets. It is an online publication, with four English-language editions and six foreign-language editions. The blog has more than ten million monthly unique visitors. The majority of Engadget readers read the site on a mobile device. Its website supports all six of its foreign language editions.

Bloggers are often targeted by the mainstream media because they report rumors as fact and spread misinformation. In the case of Apple, for example, a recent false memo about an upcoming iPhone X model has caused an outrage among Apple stockholders and fans, and the SEC may be investigating. But while the blog has been blamed for the incident, the truth is that it is not entirely Engadget’s fault. Even newspapers have published false rumors on occasion. When this happens, they generally correct the article within 24 hours, and then incadrate it in the corrections section.


The Treehugger latest from the blog combines the Stephen Gleave Ancaster ethos of environmental activism with a contemporary approach. The name connotes radical environmental views, but after a process of Architecture & Information, the site’s appeal has been repositioned to make it more accessible and inclusive. It is a wonderful blog that offers tips on living green, ethically, and using sustainable products.

Its mission is to create a world in which consumers are aware of the environmental and social issues they face. The content is diverse, including articles about sustainable design, transportation, culture, energy, and beauty. The website receives more than 5 million unique visitors a month, and is home to a community of more than 30,000 people.

Perez Hilton

It was a big change for Perez Hilton after he became a father. The blogger welcomed his third child in 2017 and since then he’s changed a lot. He claims that he’s “nicer” now. However, his recent appearance on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Series 15 has him back to his old ways. Despite the negative press he’s received, Hilton has been able to take advantage of the celebrity-hate relationship.

Perez Hilton’s blog is full of gossip and controversy. The gossip blogger had a knack for tearing down the reputations of celebrities. He used his blog to expose celebrities’ problems, including substance abuse and eating disorders. The site also published pictures of Lady Gaga in a wheelchair with a gun pointed at her head. This caused a rift between Lady Gaga and Hilton, who were once close friends.

The Satorialist

Whenever someone wants a dose of fashion, they pull up The Sartorialist blog. Not only do readers comment on the subjects in the photographs, but they also comment on the background and mood of the image. The blog’s photographer, Scott Schuman, stalks the streets of New York and other cities to take photos of people with unique style and post them on his blog. CNN recently spoke with Schuman about his unique style and how he captures such striking images.

Founded in 2005, the Sartorialist blog is one of the most popular fashion blogs on the internet. Its photographs have been featured in national advertising campaigns for leading brands and are held in permanent collections at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography and the Victoria and Albert Museum.