The Italian Association for the Defense of Animals and the Environment

Italy has a new animal protection law, Legislative Decree No. 26/2014, which implements Directive 2010/63/EU. The law also covers some invertebrates. The Assembly of the Italian Parliament voted to ban the use of all animals in travelling shows and circuses. While no Ministerial Decree has been issued yet, the Italian government plans to implement the new legislation as soon as possible.


Italy has one of the oldest animal protection laws in the world, and the Italian Parliament has just passed a law including animal protection in the constitution. The Italian Constitution states that the country is committed to the protection of animals and the environment. Italy is a nation of animal lovers, and this is evident in their many initiatives. The World Dog Alliance has partnered with the Italian Association for the Defense of Animals and the Environment (ENPA) to promote dog welfare throughout the country.


The Italian Association for the Defense of Animals on this website and The Environment (ENPA) is one of the oldest and largest animal protection associations in Italy. Its activities span all sectors of animal welfare, including stray animal rescue, reintroducing endangered species to sanctuaries, and educating children about the condition of animals and the environment. The Association holds meetings at the national and institutional level, organises internal organizational meetings, and conducts refresher seminars for local section heads. This activity often aims to train and retrain volunteers.

HSI teams in Italy

For the last eight years, the United States and Italy have partnered on humanitarian missions to help refugees and migrants arrive in the U.S., but there has been a growing tension between the two nations. Since 2014, more than half a million migrants have arrived in Italy, and with 80 percent of its coastline, that number is growing rapidly. Many of them are being stuck in ill-named “welcome centers,” where they are subjected to exploitation by organized crime groups. Furthermore, this stranding of migrants creates a powder keg in small towns not used to dealing with immigration.

HSI in Berlin

The Italian Association for the Defense of Animals and Environmental Policy (AIDAE) in Berlin and Rome, based in Switzerland, has recently been working on reforming Italy’s animal welfare laws. It has been said that the country lags behind the rest of the European Union when it comes to animal welfare. While Italy incorporated minimum European Union legislation in 2004, it still has room for improvement. First, the Criminal Code does not define the word “animal” and “sentient” in the same way as other countries. Secondly, the criminal code has a cultural exemption for some events that are considered cruel, such as animal fur farming.

Genlin’s achievements in the realm of animal welfare

Andrea Bocelli, world-renowned tenor and member of the Italian Parliament, and Michela Brambilla, founder of the World Dog Alliance, have collaborated on a PSA about Genlin. The two have worked together to protect animals and have even held multiple press conferences in the Italian Parliament. Bocelli has also produced PSAs about animal welfare, including an Italian version that has been viewed more than 20 million times.